Jackie Miller

Kelsey Bruder is the premier softball batting instructor in the Charlotte area. Her accolades as an instructor and immensely successful collegiate and professional career led us to seek her out. My 11 year old daughter has been taking batting lessons with Kelsey for 2 years and the transformation has been incredible. Kelsey skillfully tailors her instruction to each batter, recognizing and correcting breakdowns in the swing and teaching proper mechanics. I’ve seen vast improvements in my daughters bat speed, power, pitch recognition, and consistency since attending lessons with Kelsey, which has directly translated to an increase in extra base hits and an improved batting average. Kelsey’s style of instruction is the perfect mix of positive reinforcement and encouragement while setting challenging expectations resulting in a dramatic boost to her confidence. On a personal note, my daughter has made a very special connection with Kelsey, viewing her as a mentor, role model, and someone she aspires to be like and make proud. Participating in lessons with Kelsey was the best decision we have made for our child’s softball career.